Dara Tallon

The elder statesman of Oddboys, Dara has worked in television for over 25 years, across America, Australia, Asia and Europe. He has worked with a plethora of broadcasters including HBO, MTV, BBC World, Discovery, RTE & TV3 and not once been fired. Directing is what Dara loves and whether it is in studio or on location he’s guaranteed to be happy and also wearing a woolly hat, no matter what the weather is. When Dara is not playing director, he is busy generating show ideas and maintaining his beautiful hair.

Owen McArdle

The younger one of Oddboys, Owen was getting set for his debs when Dara was starting in television. He spent most of his formative years working for TV3 and somehow became the channels commissioning editor for a couple of years. Over the years he has either created or commissioned a wide range of content including ‘Red Rock’, ’24 Hours To Kill’ and ‘The Truth About Travellers’. Producing is what Owen loves and is perfectly at home in the studio or on location. When not wearing his producer hat, he can be found reading the paper and maintaining his wonderful beard.